About Us

Natural Home was introduced to Hong Kong in 1995. We provide various high quality bedding products that are manufactured by Pac-Fung Feather Co. Ltd. Our bedding products have always been favored in Europe and US. The company wasfounded in Hong Kong in 1983. As a leading manufacturer, the company provides product R&D and design services in addition to production and retail.

Currently Pac-Fung has offices in the US and across the globe and owns a manufacture site with 1,100,000sq.ft in Heshan, Guangdong. Apart from the exclusive printing and dyeing factories, we have a procurement base in Shanghai. Natural Home has always been careful in selecting source materials. Our bedding products have European and Japanese patterns which make our product stand out from the crowd. Our products employ eco-friendly printing and dyeing technology to ensure our customer can enjoy true healthy sleep. Our bedding products have awarded the Hong Kong Top Brand Awards and Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme. This can increase customers’ faith in purchasing our products.