We ship to everywhere in Hong Kong, we are using SF-Express service.

For our product, we are free delivery to Hong Kong.

Free delivery only offer to purchasing delivery; do not offer to retuen/ exchange delivery.

For Local order, shipping day will be around 2-3 working days.


SF self-pickup service

To provide a better shopping experience, we now add a pick-up service at SF Express Station and Service Center. Customers can choose a self-pickup service on the checkout page to facilitate more flexible pickup.
*Please provide a valid mobile phone number when placing an order to facilitate receiving SMS notifications for pickup.
*After the order is delivered to the designated SF Express Station, SF Express will send a text message to inform the guests. Please pick up the goods at the SF station within three days.
**The free storage period is within 6 days from the day the shipment arrives at the pick-up point or successfully contacts the customer. If the customer fails to pick up or successfully deliver the goods within the free storage period due to the customer's reason, the surcharge for goods storage will be charged on the 7th day. Charges will be charged on the day of pickup/dispatch.
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